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Foodservice (Steaks)
American Foods Group Cut Above Steak portfolio includes steakhouse favorites such as Ribeyes, T-Bones, Sirloins and Loin Strip Steaks in a variety of portion sizes to fit every budget. Steak sells across the menu- it is one of the most versatile proteins available and infinite menu applications abound for all day-parts! The only limit with our Cut Above Steaks will be your Chef’s imagination!

Retail (Private Label)
Your Partner in Private Label Product Development
American Foods Group specializes in custom meat products for retailers across the country. From custom steaks and prime rib – to hot dogs and brats, we specialize in products that increase your profit and grow your store traffic.

Ground Beef (Fresh Meats)
We process over 1.5 million pounds of fresh ground beef every day. As a full-line ground beef producer, we offer coarse and fine grind products from primal cuts of chuck, round, and sirloin. Lean percentages range from 73 to 96, and chub sizes include 1, 3, 5, and 10 pounds.